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Lower Limbs Comprehensive Assessment (SCH-PHY-00025)

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Are you suffering from persistent pain ? Do you experience limited flexibility during joint movements? Are your muscles becoming tense ? Do you feel weak ?

Did you know that pain can affect your gait and balance?

It can also lead to negative emotions and impact your social life.

 It is crucial to seek professional evaluation as early as possible to understand your physical condition, reduce vicious cycle of pain on your body, and minimize negative impact on your life.


Common lower limb chronic pain conditions often caused by improper daily posture include:

Hip pain

Knee pain

Plantar Fasciitis


Individuals aged 8 and above

School children engaged in sports or individuals passionate about sports

Individuals with chronic foot pain

Those who have experienced sports injuries or need to maintain the same posture for a long period

Individuals who suspect poor daily posture, such as improper gait or walking with a toe-in position

Assessments items
Flat Feet Screening
Lower limbs alignment - e.g. Knee varus or knee valgus
Knee range and function – e.g. ligament stability
Pelvic posture – e.g. back tilt or front tilt of pelvis
Hip range and function – e.g. tight and pain when squating
Static and dynamic balance – e.g. history of sprained ankle, or recurrent injury
Brief Report

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